R13 Meeting Support


IBANGS has received generous meeting support from the National Institutes of Health through an R13 award (currently AA 016249) since 2003. During that time, the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism has provided the primary oversight and funding for the project, with additional contributions in the past from  NIDA, NICHD, NIA, and NIMH. The central purpose of the society is to explore brain mechanisms underlying genetic contributions to individual behavioral differences in order to promote human health and discovery of new treatment and preventative therapies. Leadership of the R13 has been provided by four past-Presidents of the Society: John Crabbe (PI, USA), Wim Crusio (CoI, France), Mara Dierssen (CoI, Spain), and Doug Wahlsten (CoI, Canada).

The R13 presents an opportunity to attract a core group of young investigators to neurobehavioral genetics during their formative years. The R13 provides travel support for graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and junior faculty to attend the Annual Meeting to present their work and to pursue career advancement by networking and collaborating with established scientists. The R13 also enhances the meeting’s quality and prominence by supporting leading scientists as symposia and plenary speakers, and by recruiting and encouraging underrepresented minorities and women. Support from the R13 grant is focused on but not limited to neurogenetics research areas involving  alcohol, drugs of abuse, and child health and human development.