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Mini conference FENS Forum of Neuroscience Glasgow 2020


“Behavioural neuroscience for the next decade: Why behaviour matters to brain science"


Saturday 11th July 2020 (08:30-15:00)


SEC Center Glasgow

The European Brain and Behaviour Society (EBBS), European Behavioural Pharmacology Society (EBPS), European Molecular and Cellular Cognition Society (EMCCS) and International Behavioural and Neural Genetics Society (IBANGS) invite you to our jointly organised mini conference. A variety of topics will be covered, focusing on the role of behaviour in Neuroscience and the translatability of animal models to human traits and psychiatric disorders. There will be four themed sessions with talks from rising stars in our field, followed by a round table discussion. Our mini-conference is a rare event bringing together our four societies, established leaders and early career researchers from the behavioural neuroscience community for a day of amazing science and networking opportunities. Supported by the FENS Forum, our mini-conference will take place directly before the opening of the biannual meeting in Glasgow so that participants can use this event as a taster for the FENS FORUM meeting and continue to discuss this important topic during the meeting.

The mini conference “Behavioural neuroscience for the next decade: "Why behaviour matters to brain science" is hosted as part of the FENS Forum 2020, to be held from 11-15 of July 2020, Glasgow, UK. For more information about the FENS Forum 2020 please visit: https://forum2020.fens.org/  Registration deadline for the conference is 15th, May 2020.

Programme Overview:

09:00-09:15     Welcome and introduction
09:15-10:00     Progress in complex behavioural analysis
10:00-10:45     How pharmacology and neuroscience help us to understand behaviour
10:45-11:15     Coffee/tea break
11:15-12:00     Molecular and cellular mechanisms of learning and memory
12:00-13:00     Lunch
13:00-13:45     Connecting genes to behaviour
13:45-14:45     Round table discussion “The value of behaviour: The balance between
                         basic science and translational research” Panel Chair: Wim Crusio                      
14:45-15:00     Concluding statements
EBBS:         https://ebbs-science.org/
EBPS:         http://www.ebps.org/
EMCCS:      http://www.emccs.org/
IBANGS:     https://www.ibangs.org/


Speakers/Round Table Panel Members:
Angel Barco (University Miguel Hernández, Spain)
Caroline Brennan (Queen Mary University of London, U.K.)
Wim E. Crusio (CNRS, University of Bordeaux, France)
Shelly Flagel (University of Michigan, U.S.A.)
Iiris Hovatta (University of Helsinki, Finland)
Stoyo Karamihalev (Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry, Germany)
Haneen Kayyal (University of Haifa, Israel)
Ewelina Knapska (Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland)
Isabelle Mansuy (University of Zürich, Switzerland)
Alexander Mathis (Harvard University, U.S.A.)
Amy Milton (University of Cambridge, U.K.)
Susanna Pietropaolo (CNRS, University of Bordeaux, France)
Annette Schenck (Radboud University, The Netherlands)
Marco Venniro (National Institute on Drug Abuse (N[IDA], U.S.A.)


Registration (Meeting Speakers please wait to register for the satellite meeting. A registration waiver will be circulated soon)


Registration fee £25 (includes coffee break and lunch)

Please Note that it is not necessary to become an IBANGS member in order to participate in the satellite


Meeting Location

SEC Centre, Exhibition Way, Glasgow G3 8YW, UK

Room: Carron 1

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