About Us

The International Behavioural and Neural Genetics Society was established in 1996 to promote and facilitate the growth of research in the field of neural behavioral genetics. The society has members world wide that study the genetic basis of a wide range of behaviors and brain disorders together with the underlying neuronal mechanisms using diverse species. The ultimate goal is to elucidate the molecular pathways through which genes together with the environment affect behavior.


Take advantage of the many member benefits including a subscription to the Society's premier journal: Genes Brain and Behavior (G2B), reduced page charges for papers published in G2B and discounted registration costs for IBANGS annual conferences.  Click join to access membership rates, benefits and online forms.


Annual Meeting

Each year IBANGS holds an annual meeting, in which members come together to present cutting edge research. 




The 19th Annual Genes, Brain & Behavior Meeting will be held in Madrid, Spain, May 15-18, 2017.

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The Journal

The 2016 issue of G2B REVIEWS brings the question of development into focus with reviews by researchers who are leading efforts to understand how brain and behavior are shaped during the formative years of early life, and decipher the mechanisms by which genes and early environmental experience impact risk for mental illness...read more.